Firestorm Heater Instructions

Pinnacle Agri Products Ltd offer full product support with a range of short instructional videos that will help you to better understand how to assemble, maintain and get the best from your Firestorm Heater.

The Firestorm Heater gets extremely HOT! Please ensure that it is always somewhere where it is safe.

Site the Firestorm on flat level ground in a location protected from the wind, or shield the lower portion on all sides of the Firestorm. This will prevent potential extinguishing of the fire during use.

As the Firestorm gets going you may notice a humming noise coming from the tube, this is normal. This will subside once the Firestorm reaches full burn.

Remember that even after it has gone out the Firestorm will remain hot for around half an hour. Be mindful of the safety of anyone who is going to be in close proximity.

The Firestrom has a glass cylinder. The glass tube is made from Borosilicate glass and so is heat resistant. Care must be taken to ensure it is not knocked by something hard. Particular care is necessary when taking apart, cleaning and assembling.

Never spray water onto the hot tube. The sudden change in temperature may cause the glass to break. Always let the Firestorm cool down before disassembly, moving or cleaning.

Before you start, please check that you have all the necessary hardware and tools required for assembly.


  • M6 allen key
  • 3x M6 bolts
  • 3x plastic feet
  • x1 M8 bar
  • x1 M8 washer
  • x1 M8 nut

Not Supplied:

  • 13m spanner
  1. Place the Firestorm body upside down on a soft flat surface and lean the round face against a soft edge to keep the Firestorm body upright.
  2. Insert the M8 bar into the thread plate on the bottom of the Firestorm body by turning clockwise, ensure it is fully threaded into the body before proceeding.
  3. Place the support post onto the Firestorm body with the castellation filled through the slots.
  4. Carefully place the base plate onto the support post ensuring the castellation and M8 bar fit through the plate and it sits securely.
  5. Place the M8 washer over the M8 bar and onto the base plate, hand thread the M8 nut onto the M8 bar and tighten clockwise with a 13mm spanner, ensure the blue side of the nut faces up. Note: Take care not to over tighten the nut. Only tighten until there are no gaps between the nut, washer and base plate. Tightening beyond this point risks damage to the Firestorm.
  6. With the Firestorm still upside down, insert an M6 bolt through a hole located on the outer edge of the base plate. Hand thread one of the feet onto the bolt clockwise. Repeat this step for all three feet.
  7. Turn the assembled Firestorm over and place on a flat level surface. Tighten all three feet clockwise using the included Allen key.

Congratulations! Your Firestorm Heater is now ready to use.

Before you start, please check that you have all the necessary hardware and tools required for lighting.


  • Wooden pellets (5Kg)
  • Removable grid & Pin
  • Glass tube

Not Supplied:

  • White spirits
  • Long reach lighter or matches
  1. Place the Firestorm Heater on flat level ground in the desired position in your garden.
  2. Insert the grid into the Phoenix air intake, securing it with the pin. Ensure it slides smoothly over the top bar, aligning flush with the air intake. Lift the grid if necessary to properly seat it.
  3. Open the lid and fill the hopper with wood pellets and close the lid.
  4. Pour one cap full of white spirit into the burning chamber, try to spread the white spirit over the whole area of pellets while pouring.
  5. Using a long reach lighter, light the white spirit through the top of the burning chamber. Try and light in multiple locations if possible.
  6. Once lit, carefully slide the glass tube down through the top ring and seat on top of the burning chamber.
  7. Extend the burn time by adding more pellets to the Firestorm through the lid. Important: Make sure the Firestorm Heater does not have less than a quarter of a tube of pellets lellets before refilling. Refilling beyond this point can choke the fire and cause it to smoke rather than flame. If pellets are not visible in the bottom of the hopper then there is a risk the Firestorm will go out upon refilling.
  8. If you notice the flame getting smaller this is most likely due to ash build-up, this can easily be removed by scraping the ash out through the open bottom door of the firestorm. Important: The door will be hot to touch during use. Only touch the door using an appropriate tool or with a heat resistant glove for safety. Poking the grate through the open door can also help but may not be necessary.
  9. Allow the Firestorm to burn through the remaining pellets and it will self-extinguish.
  10. Once completely cool, remove the glass tube and clean with the included sponge cleaner. Wet the sponge with cold water and push through the glass tube in one smooth motion. Rinse the inside of the tube with a garden hose and allow to air dry inside the Firestorm.
  11. Clean all ash from the Firestorm using the scraper and poker tools in the accessory kit. The ash is 100% compostable so feel free to add it to your compost bin once cold.

Before you start, please check that you have all the necessary hardware and tools required for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Poker
  • Scraper
  • Ash tray
  1. Make sure the Firestorm Heater is on a flat level surface during any maintenance or cleaning.
  2. Start by carefully removing the glass tube from the Firestorm body and placing it on a soft surface while you clean the Firestorm.
  3. Remove the grid from the Phoenix and clean all the ash using the scraper and poker tools in the accessory kit. The ash is 100% compostable so feel free to add it to your compost bin once cold.
  4. Wet the sponge of the cleaning sponge before carefully inserting into the glass tube. Push the rod along the entire length of the glass tube.
  5. Rinse the glass tube with water, making sure you rotate the tube to make sure the whole tube is clean. Repeat steps 4 & 5 if required.
  6. Carefully replace the glass tube by inserting through the top ring and back on to the Firestorm Heater body. Leave the Firestorm to completely air dry before use.