Firestorm FAQ

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How does the Firestorm work?

The Firestorm runs on sustainable wood pellets. Simply open the lid and fill the tube with pellets, light and wait 15 minutes for the flame to reach full height.

How do you light the Firestorm?

The Firestorm can be lit using two caps of white spirit and a long reach lighter, please see our quick-start guide for more details.

How long does the Firestorm last?

The Firestorm lasts for 1 hour from a full load of pellets including warm-up time, you can keep refilling the Firestorm as it burns.  Each refill lasts about 45 minutes when up to temperature. A full 30kg of Firestorm pellets will last for approximately 12 hours.

Can I use fuel other than pellets in the Firestorm?

We only recommend using Sustainable Wood Pellets made to british standard ENplus A1 to fuel the Firestorm to ensure best performance.

How long does the glass last?

The glass is tough, heat resistant borosilicate that will last many years in all weather conditions.

Can I place the Firestorm on decking?

The Firestorm can be used on any flat, level, non-flammable surface including patio slabs, grass, wood decking, composite decking. The Firestorm should not be placed on artifical grass.

How do i maintain the Firestorm?

The Firestorm can be easily cleaned using a sponge to remove any soot on the glass. Any ash that remains can be poked through the chamber and removed through the air intake on the bottom of the Firestorm. Maintenance must only be started when the Firestorm is completely cold.

I live in a smoke control area, can I use a firestorm?

Yes! Smoke control areas place regulations around what fuel can be burnt inside a building, however, all outdoor burners such as barbecues, pizza ovens, fireplaces or chimineas (including firestorms) are exempt.

Is the Firestorm made in china?

No! All our products are designed and made by us in the UK. This ensures we only send out quality products that are up to our high standards.

My Firestorm produces smoke, what do I do?

Firestorms only produce smoke in one of two scenarios. The most common being late refilling. The Firestorm should only be refilled if it is at least 1/4 full of pellets. Any less and the fire is at risk of being swamped by a late refill creating smoke.

The other scenario is if the Firestorm is sited in a windy area. The Firestorm should only be used in areas where the air is relatively calm and gusting is not likely. The risk of smoking can be mitigated by protecting the bottom of the round tube directly below the glass, this is the air intake of the Firestorm.

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