Patio Heaters: Gas vs. Electric vs. Firestorm

Winter is in full swing and temperatures are dropping near zero, but we all still want to stay out in the garden and enjoy those winter nights. A patio heater is a perfect solution allowing you to stay warm outside and enjoy that well-deserved glass of wine. Surely there’s just one decision to make: Gas or Electric? Both have advantages and disadvantages, but one reigns supreme… and the answer will surprise you!

Running Costs

Electric and natural gas prices are on the rise with no sign of slowing down. This makes heating your outdoor space more costly by the day and you don’t quite know how much you’re spending until you get that bill through the letterbox.

For the same heat output as a Firestorm, running an electric patio heater would cost you about £2 per hour depending on your tariff, while running a gas patio heater would cost you roughly £3 per hour. Firestorm will cost you just £1.66 per hour to run and these prices are inherently stable!

Firestorm is fuelled using sustainable wood pellets, a waste product from wood processing so is always affordable and in large supply. That’s how we can guarantee our wood pellet prices will remain stable, month to month, year on year! Paying for your fuel upfront means you know exactly how much you’re using, giving you peace of mind about your outdoor heating costs.


Gas heaters are usually large and can’t be moved easily, making them a nightmare to relocate in your garden or drag out of the garage. Refilling is a cumbersome task and frequently leads to disappointment when you find out your bottle is empty 30 minutes before your guests arrive!

Electric patio heaters are more manageable, but they require mains power. Trailing long extension leads round your garden isn’t our idea of fun and puts a great big trip hazard right under your feet, not a great idea in the dark after a drink or three…

Using a Firestorm is quick, easy and low maintenance. Just fill the Firestorm with wood pellets and light, that’s it! The Firestorm can be moved to any location you like and set up in a matter of minutes with no aggravation. Its light but sturdy construction means it can be moved with one hand and stored away at the end of the night without hassle.


Gas heaters run on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) a non-sustainable fossil fuel taken from the ground and piped into bottles. We all know that burning fossil fuels is bad for the environment as it releases trapped carbon into our atmosphere, so running a gas powered patio heater will significantly increase your carbon footprint.

Electric patio heaters use power from the national grid. Although some of the power in the national grid is sustainable, a whopping 43.4% of energy is still created by burning fossil fuels. Electric wins against gas on this one, but Firestorm still comes out on top.

Our Firestorm runs on sustainable wood pellets so the fuel is carbon neutral. All the carbon being released by the stove was previously absorbed from the atmosphere by trees. You can stay warm outside with the knowledge you’re not harming the planet.


Have you ever looked at your gas/electric patio heater and thought; “Wow that looks so cool!” No? We haven’t either! That’s why we decided to create a heater that warms you up and looks cool while doing it. A 1.5m solid glass tube gives you a 360 view of the towering spiral flame, keeping you mesmerised for hours on end.


Running Costs: £3.00 per hour £2.00 per hour £1.66 per hour

As you can see there is a clear winner when choosing an outdoor heater. Neither gas or electric, but Firestorm!